Genealogies of the Juridical

‘Genealogy of Ananda’s family as on the date of filing suit’

‘The initial claim for 2 acres 28 guntas of land’

‘The revised claim in the second suit’

Possibility I — Only 9 guntas of land is available for partition’

Possibility II — The claim is made against 9 guntas of land + 4 sites’

‘The interior of a courtroom’

‘The long road to applying for conversion of land’

‘The Babri Masjid at the time of the Supreme Court verdict’

‘The state’s changing stands in the contempt proceedings’

‘Sketch showing blocks of land under unauthorized occupation in Sy. No. 54’

‘Village map showing newly demarcated Nos. 202 (old Block No. 2) and 203 (old Block No. 5)’

‘The Albuquerque genealogy’

‘The movement of claims over the Albuquerque lands’

Graphics created for Genealogies of the Juridical: Law, Land, Property, a doctoral dissertation by a Bangalore-based advocate, submitted at the Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University. The dissertation is an ethnographic enquiry into the process of claim-making and litigation over land in courts of law, and features sixteen case-studies documenting such claims.

Graphics complementing the dissertation text include genealogy diagrams, schematic drawings, and flow charts, along with re-presented, re-traced and/or magnified maps and documents from court proceedings.

Year: 2021