Flexing Muscles  /  ಸೇನಾ ಪರ್ವ

Publication design for a bilingual essay by Ravikumar Kashi on the phenomenon of flex banners on the streets of Bangalore—a medium through which self-proclaimed political sene (‘armies’) in the state of Karnataka express themselves.

Presented in English and Kannada in two distinct sections (Kannada title: ಸೇನಾ ಪರ್ವ, i.e ‘Age of the Sene’), the book examines the visual language of these banners and contextualises them within a changing city, “one increasingly attuned to aggression and vulnerability”.

Year: 2019

Publisher: Reliable Copy

ISBN: 978-81-940260-0-6

Pages: 152

Size: 21 x 15.5 cm

Edition: 1,000